Life in my high 20s

Monday, November 27, 2006

Apartment warming

So I'm having an apartment warming party on December 9th so if anyone is not at another Christmas party (when is there a good time in December?!?!) come on by.

Since it seems to be slow going to get completely organized, here is a pic of my apartment...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fire alarms, new beginnings and millions of end tables

So I'm all moved into my new one-bedroom apartment. Friday night I decided to stay in the apartment even though none of my stuff was there... just put a blow-up mattress in the living room. So for my first night in the apartment doesn't the fire alarm go off at 3 am!! I met Andrew and his girfriend, Kendra outside in the cold... who undoubtedly were even less impressed than me as they had just got off a long flight from Peru that night! What a first night...

Moved all my stuff into my apartment on Saturday. It went smoothly with help from Aaron, Nathan, Dad, Mom and the dollys... The best part of the day was probably going over to Mom and Dad's to try and help them move the bed upstairs... The Chaiton/Green could possibly be the worst movers ever! Without help, it would have been in their stairwell forever and they would have been forced to go up the backstairs for good.

Even though Nathan thought I was crazy with all the end tables, I think everything fits into the apartment well. It's very cozy and I'm loving the purple wall. I can't wait until it's properly set up with pictures and all. I will post a picture when it's more set up... and let everyone know when the housewarming is!

Come over anytime... the Royal Oak is within spitting distance.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Go Sens Go!

So I've decided that I'm definately the good luck charm for the Sens. Last night they won 8-1 over New Jersey... and that means free pizza!!! What could be better??!?! I got a new camera and tested it out at the game and will post when I return from Montreal.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unconscious attitudes and validating the reasons for CISV

Yesterday I took the book Blink (by Malcolm Gladwell) out of the library. I had taken it out for some Thanksgiving reading but got pretty wrapped up in it. I read the part about unconscious thoughts about race/gender etc and it was fascinating. It says that the Race IAT (Implicit Association Test) shows that even those who don't believe they have a preference for one Whites over Blacks will show a preference. Our first impressions are generated by our experiences and our environment... often people learn to associate better qualities with White people without even knowing... Our attitudes toward things like race and gender operate on two levels: our conscious attitude or what we choose to believe and our unconscious level or the immediate, automatic associations that come out before we've even had time to think.

But we can change our unconscious attitudes. Gladwell says that if people were asked to look over a series of pictures or articles about people like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, their results of the test would change. It requires you to change your life so that you are exposed to minorities on a regular basis and become confortable with them and familiar with their cutlure. What great proof for the effectiveness of CISV- an organization that promotes peace through cultural understanding and friendship.

People often get so wrapped up in being PC that they forget the natural tendency of people to notice the "other"...the initial response is to notice what is different about someone. And this does not make someone racist... We cannot make progress without recognizing the powerful force of the other.

Try out the IAT at

Monday, September 11, 2006

Better luck next time Andy

So my fav tennis player (yes I know I only like the good looking sports players) lost in the US Open to Roger Federer. It was very sad to see his super awesome 130+MPH serve get returned like it was served by a 6-year-old girl... Federer is just too good... But at least Andy can say that he was the only one who won a set against Federer in the tournament!

I've been playing tennis quite a bit lately so maybe one day I can play a full match... just need to work on my serving and volleying... backhand is definately improving.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Garage sale-ing it up!

This weekend I'm having a garage sale to further break from the past and get rid of a bunch of crap that is cluttering my life (or more specifically my parents' garage!) Anyone want a doodad?? I'm just not looking forward to having to get up before 7! Anyone who's in the Westboro hood should come by and buy my junk...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Welcome to my new blog

I thought that since I am no longer living in Thailand, my old Adventures in Thailand blog just isn't right anymore. Since I know that everyone wants to hear about my way exciting life in the fast lane here is my blog...

My life has changed dramatically in the last year and I've entered into my high twenties (as I now affectionately refer to it as)... so here's the celebration of my new single life... enjoy...